A vineyard nestling in a landscape full of history

Once upon a time Talakad was ruled by Srirangayya on behalf of the Vijayanagara king. His wife Alamelamma was an ardent devotee of Sri RangaNayaki. She used to send all her jewels once a year to adorn Sri RangaNayaki and then the jewels would be returned to her. During this time, the Mysore Raja Wadiyar took over Talakad. He saw the beautiful jewels and decided to seize them. Meanwhile Srirangayya died, and the soldiers of the Mysore Raja started harassing Alamelamma. Angered, she drowned herself in the Kaveri River with her jewels tied up in a cloth. As she was drowning, she uttered a curse ‘Let Talakad be covered by sand, the Mysore Rajas will not produce heirs’. From that time on, it is believed that, because of the curse, the once fertile land of Talakad became covered in sand.

The Kaveri Valley has a rich history and is part of one of India’s best-known wild life reserves (the Nilgiri Mountains biosphere) with its unique nature and wild life that includes migrating birds, elephants and tigers, in Nagarhole, Bandipur and Kabini national parks.